Three Things I Learned in my First Semester of Graduate School

Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Student Insight: M.S. in Management Ambassador, Kelvin Pineda, reflects on the past semester.

Amid a global pandemic, 53 students embarked on their first semester of graduate school in the M.S in Management program. This year has proven to be challenging in many ways, the educational environment that we have grown accustomed to has been moved to a virtual setting to ensure the safety of our academic community. While the transition to the graduate level can be challenging, navigating through these unprecedented times and non-traditional learning methods can prove difficult. As I reflect on this past semester, I have gained a tremendous appreciation for this program and my cohort. Here are my three key takeaways:

1.) Embrace your Cohort

The beauty of the M.S. in Management program is the cohort model, meaning that you will all be navigating the program together with all your classmates. The cohort culture allowed me to build closer relationships with my classmates and support one another. Our cohort has been an amazing network as we all champion each other along during our slumps and celebrate our successes together. For me, this has enhanced my graduate experience and I am glad to have embraced the cohort culture from the beginning.

2.) Seek Help

Whether it is from the cohort, faculty or staff, I have been fortunate to have great cheerleaders to keep pushing me along when I needed it most. The transition to a graduate program can be challenging for some and seeking help when you need it is crucial to your success long term. Our program leadership is mindful of the well-being of our students and that mentality has created a safe space for us to share our experiences and reach out when we need a lending hand. If it is help with an assignment, a class or life in general - there is always someone ready to assist you.

3.) Embrace Change

Graduate school is a major undertaking for anyone looking to further their education and inevitably you will change throughout it. Whether you gained a new perspective academically or rebrand professionally, the M.S in Management program is here to help you evolve to the next step in your life. For me, the Professional Development classes and career services have allowed me to enhance my network and challenged me to apply that to the working world.

Article Written by Kelvin Pineda, M.S. in Management Ambassador
Kelvin Pineda, M.S. in Management Ambassador

Kelvin Pineda, a student in the Belk College M.S. in Management, serves as a Student Ambassador for his graduate program. Learn more about Kelvin in his Faces of Belk College profile or connect with him via email or LinkedIn.